Silica Mortar

Silica mortar is composed of siliceous materials, soft clay chemical binder and admixtures. It is mainly used in coke ovens and glass kilns. Moreover, it can also be used in conjunction with silica bricks to build hot chimney equipment.

  • SiO2(≥): 94%
  • Refractoriness: 1660℃ – 1720℃
  • Cold Flexural Bonding Strength: 0.5MPa – 2.0MPa
  • Bonding Time: 1min – 3min
Silica Mortar

Physical and Chemical Indicators of Silica Mortar

SiO2  %≥94≥94≥94≥96
Al2O3  %//≤1≤0.6
Fe2O3  %≤1.0/≤1.0≤0.7
Refractoriness, ≥1680≥1660≥1700≥1720
Cold Flexural Bonding Strength, MPaDrying at 110≥1.0≥1.0≥0.8≥0.8
0.2MPa RUL, T2 ≥1580≥1550≥1600≥1620
Bonding Time, min1~21~22~32~3
Particle Size, %2mm100100100100

Influence of Particle Size Composition on Silica Mortar

  • Coarse particles: the gaps between coarse particles are large and the flowable part is reduced after water is adsorbed. Therefore, the increase of coarse particles usually reduces its fluidity.
  • Fine particles: fine particles can fill the gaps between coarse particles and improve the overall density of the mortar.
Mechanical Strength
  • Too many fine particles: this will increase the shrinkage of the mortar and cause cracking. This will reduce the structural strength and stability.
  • Too many coarse particles: if the proportion of coarse particles is too high, it will lead to loose bonding between particles. This will also affect the strength of the mortar.
  • Fine particles: because silica refractory mortar forms more contact points with high heat cement. Therefore, this enhances the adhesion of silica mortar.
  • Coarse particles: the contact area between coarse particles and other components is also relatively small and the adhesion is weak.
  • Uniform particle size distribution: uniform particle size distribution can improve the density of the mortar and reduce porosity. Fewer pores mean less penetration of water and other corrosive substances.
  • Uneven particle size distribution: this results in more pores within the mortar. This also increases the risk of water and chemical intrusion.

KERUI Silica Mortar for Sale

Silica Refractory Mortar

Note: When producing silica mortar, differences in ingredients and mixing processes will affect the depth of its color.

Advantages of Kerui High-Quality Silica Mortar

Excellent Fluidity

Kerui’s silica refractory mortar adopts a finely controlled particle size composition. This makes the refractory mortar easy to spread and level during the construction process. Therefore, this greatly improves the construction efficiency and quality.

High Strength and Adhesion

Kerui’s silica mortar ensures the high strength and excellent adhesion of the mortar by optimizing the fine particle content. Therefore, the increase in fine particles effectively fills the voids in the mortar and improves the overall compactness.

Excellent Durability

Like high alumina mortar, Kerui’s silica mortar has low internal porosity and strong anti-penetration ability. Therefore, our products can effectively resist the erosion of moisture and corrosive substances in the environment and extend their service life.

Superior Workability

Kerui’s siliceous mortar is also easy to mix and apply and is suitable for various complex construction environments. The optimized particle size composition reduces the construction difficulty and time cost of the mortar during the construction process.

Kerui Refractory Mortar Package
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Kerui Silica Mortar Applications

Chemical Industry

You can use silica mortar as a fire-resistant coating that is resistant to high temperatures and corrosion in the internal coating of some chemical equipment. It can protect the wall of the equipment.

Metallurgical Industry

You can also use material refractory mortar for lining and repairing high-temperature furnaces. What’s more, it can withstand high temperature environments and chemical erosion.

Electronic Industry

Refractory mortar is also used for packaging and fixing electronic components. For example, it is used for insulating filling materials for integrated circuit packaging and sealants for electronic devices.

Other Industries

It can also be used for the maintenance and repair of high-temperature industrial equipment such as glass kiln linings, ceramic kiln linings and aluminum electrolytic cell linings.

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Where to Buy Buy Silica Refractory Mortar?

When you are looking for refractory castables and mortars for your furnace, the first thing that comes to your mind is where to buy them from. Then, before you place an order, you can choose from a wide range of suppliers.

As a Chinese refractory manufacturer, Kerui enjoys a high reputation in the industry. Moreover, we have a large team to serve our customers and the most direct contact with customers is our sales team and technical service team. We also ave multiple refractory product production lines to meet the different needs of our customers. Or if you want to know more about us, you can also contact us directly or follow us on Pinterest.

Buy Silica Refractory Mortar from Kerui

Why Choose Kerui Silica Refractory Mortar for Sale?

R&D Advantages
  • An R&D team composed of senior engineers;
  • Continuously developing new products and optimizing existing products;
  • Established strategic cooperation with many research institutions.
Capacity Advantages
  • Advanced refractory product production facilities and efficient refractory product production lines;
  • Internationally standardized refractory mortar production processes;
  • Flexible production capacity. Rapid adjustment of production plans.
Equipment Advantages
  • leading production equipment and automated production lines;
  • Advanced testing equipment and laboratories;
  • First-class R&D laboratories, equipped with various advanced R&D instruments.
Service Advantages
  • Professional technical support and consulting services;
  • Complete after-sales service system;
  • Customized product solutions;
  • Efficient logistics and distribution system.

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High aluminum castable produced by Kerui


Kerui is an experienced manufacturer of silica mortar. Moreover, Kerui’s advanced automated monolithic refractory production line has an annual output of 10 tons. Our monolithic refractory materials mainly include various refractory plastic castables, refractory cements, refractory mortars and refractory ramming mass. In addition, we can also provide customized monolithic materials for customers according to their specific working conditions. Contact us and we will provide you with services according to your specific needs.

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