Silica Ramming Mass

The special design of the silica ramming mass allows it to form an extremely strong glaze on the hot surface at a lower temperature. At the same time, it has a good loose backing in extremely high temperatures. Moreover, the high performance silicon ramming mass produced by Kerui has excellent corrosion resistance for high alloys.

  • SiO2(≥): 94% – 96%
  • Refractoriness: 1600℃(2912℉) – 1700℃(3092℉)
  • Binding time: 1h – 3h
  • 0.2Mpa RUL: 1420℃(2588℉) – 1600℃(2912℉)
KERUI Silica Ramming Mass

Silica Ramming Mass Composition

The silica ramming mass composition is silica. Silica is the general name for vein quartz, quartzite and quartz sandstone. We mainly use silica to make acid refractory bricks for the metallurgical industry, such as fused silica refractory. Moreover, siliceous ramming materials are bulk materials made of silicon carbide, graphite and electrically calcined anthracite as raw materials, mixed with a variety of ultrafine powder additives and electrofused cement or composite resin as binding agents. It is used to fill the gap between the furnace cooling equipment and the masonry or the filling material for the masonry leveling layer.

Aggregate and powder account for a large proportion of siliceous refractory ramming materials. However, the proportion of binders and other components is very low and some are even entirely composed of aggregates and powders. Because refractory ramming materials are mainly used in direct contact with molten materials. Moreover, Kerui siliceous ramming materials have good chemical stability, strong erosion resistance, strong wear resistance, great peeling resistance and excellent thermal shock resistance. So, choosing Kerui’s ramming materials and flexible fire cement is equivalent to choosing a quality guarantee.

Kerui Silica Ramming Mass
Kerui Silica Ramming Mass for Sale

Parameters of Silica Ramming Mass

Binding time1h~2h1h~2h2h~3h
0.2Mpa RUL /160014201600
ApplicationHot blast furnaceCoke ovenGlass furnace

Advantages of Kerui Silica Ramming Mass

Improve Thermal Efficiency

The production of siliceous ramming materials requires a reasonable silica sand particle size ratio and the addition of an anti-penetration agent, anti-cracking agent and anti-corrosion agent. Therefore, this makes the furnace lining volume relatively stable and eliminates the expansion and contraction of the furnace lining. In other words, all the heat energy emitted by the furnace does useful work, so the thermal efficiency is high.

Increase Furnace Life

Kerui siliceous ramming mass can withstand higher temperatures than ordinary furnace lining refractory ramming materials. Therefore, with it, the load softening temperature of the furnace lining can be increased when working at high temperatures. Besides, it can also slow down the sintering speed inside the furnace lining. So, siliceous ramming mass makes the service life of the furnace lining longer than that of ordinary furnaces.

Increase Daily Output of Furnace

Our ramming material turns the electrical energy of the furnace into active heat energy and performs useful work. Practice has proved that the melting speed is accelerated and one furnace can increase the output by more than 200KG per day. At the same time, this also extends the service life of the furnace and improves the metallurgical quality of smelting. This reduces metal burning loss, which is economical and affordable.

Ramming Mass
Silica Ramming Material
Kerui Selles Silica Ramming Mass

Silica Ramming Mass Uses

We mainly use siliceous ramming materials for the working lining of coreless induction furnaces for melting cast iron and cast steel, hot blast furnaces, coke ovens and glass furnaces. Moreover, you can also use it as a filler for gaps and screeds in high-temperature masonry. In addition, it is also the best charge for smelting bronze, red copper and white copper in power-frequency furnaces and medium-frequency furnaces. In mechanical equipment, you can also use silica ramming materials used as shock-absorbing pads. This can reduce vibration and shock when the equipment is running and protect equipment parts from damage.

Ramming Mass Uses

Choose Kerui Group as Your Silica Ramming Mass Supplier

Cheap Silica Ramming Mass Price

Kerui Group provides customers with high-quality products at affordable silica ramming mass price lists. Not only are we able to maintain competitive prices, but we are also able to offer flexible pricing policies to meet the budget constraints of customers’ varying needs. When you choose Kerui, you get high quality silica ramming materials without putting too much pressure on your budget.

Excellent Product Quality

We adopt advanced production technology and a strict quality management system. Therefore, we ensure that every batch of ramming material meets the highest quality standards. Whether you need seals, fillers, refractory precast or shock-absorbing pads, Kerui Group China can provide you with stable and reliable silica ramming mass for sale. That is to say, we make sure your production line runs smoothly.

Stable Cooperative Relationship

Kerui Company has established mutual trust and mutually beneficial partnerships with many international customers. Therefore, through win-win cooperation we can achieve long-term development for both parties. Moreover, Kerui maintains close communication with customers, understands their needs and provides personalized solutions. This ensures the stability of the partnership between the two parties.

Excellent Customer Service

The customer service team of Kerui Group is professional, efficient and friendly. Moreover, they are able to respond promptly to customer inquiries and after-sales service requests. They also provide customers with comprehensive technical support and solutions. They actively listen to their customers’ needs and ensure that customers receive a high-quality service experience throughout the entire cooperation process.

Ramming Material Batching System
Ramming Mass Batching System
The Ramming Material is Directly Packed into Trucks at the Factory
Packed It into Trucks at the Factory

Kerui Meeting on technical discussions
Kerui Meeting on Technical Discussions


As a silica ramming mass manufacturer, Kerui Company has been producing and selling silica ramming mass for more than 20 years. Years of experience have made us more professional. If you have any needs or questions about ramming materials or refractory castable materials, please feel free to contact us or follow us on YouTube for consultation. Our company will provide you with high-quality refractory materials and considerate services.

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