Silica Refractory Bricks

Silica refractory bricks have garnered widespread popularity in numerous high-temperature industrial sectors. As a reputable manufacturer in the industry, Kerui Refractory offers high-quality silica refractory bricks that meet the demands of these challenging environments.

  • SiO2% (≥) :94
  • True Density (g/cm3) :2.35
  • 0.2MPa Refractoriness Underload (℃) :1650
  • Apparent Porosity% (≤) :24
Silica Refractory Bricks

What is Silica Refractory Brick?

The fused silica refractory is made of quartz stone material. The content of SiO2 in the bricks is normally more than 94%. Besides, the mineral phase composition of silica bricks is mainly tridymite and cristobalite, with a small amount of quartz and glass. Tridymite, cristobalite and residual quartz have large volume changes due to changes in crystal form at low temperatures. Therefore, the thermal stability of silica bricks at low temperatures is very poor. However, silica bricks belong to acid-refractory bricks. So they have the excellent ability to resist acid slag and acid solution erosion. What’s more silica bricks have excellent high-temperature strength and good heat conduction. It is an ideal high-temperature furnace construction material.

4 Properties of Silica Refractory Bricks

Silica Fire Bricks with Great Price

Good KERUI Silica Fire Bricks

Great Acid Resistant

The notable feature of silicon refractory bricks lies in their exceptional acid resistance, owing to their high silica content. Because silica is chemically inert, it does not react easily with other chemicals. At the same time, silica itself is also an acid-resistant compound and does not react with most acids, including strong acids such as sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid. This inherent property establishes a natural barrier that shields silica bricks from the detrimental effects of acid attack, which ensures their longevity and reliability in acid-containing environments.

Low Thermal Conductivity

Silicon refractory bricks boast a distinctive microstructure composed of fine grains, which effectively impedes the conduction of heat. Because this unique attribute stems from the fact that heat transfer occurs at a slower rate in materials with a fine-grained structure compared to those with a coarse-grained structure. Additionally, in some cases, siliceous refractory bricks may contain additives or fillers with low thermal conductivity. So these additives can further reduce the overall thermal conductivity of the refractory bricks.

High Load Softening Temperature

The high load softening temperature of silica refractory bricks is a result of their high silica content, refractoriness, fine-grained microstructure, low thermal expansion, chemical stability and other factors that collectively contribute to their ability to withstand elevated temperatures and mechanical loads. At the same time, Kerui silica refractory bricks are usually made of high-purity raw materials. Thus, it reduces the presence of impurities that could lower its softening temperature under load. his crucial characteristic ensures that Kerui silica refractory bricks possess high load softening temperatures.

Excellent Thermal Stability

Silica refractory bricks are known for their high refractory resistance: they can withstand temperatures up to 1650℃(3002℉). This means they can withstand extremely high temperatures without softening or melting. In addition, silica bricks have good thermal shock resistance. Therefore they can withstand rapid temperature changes without cracking or peeling. Because of these properties, silica refractory bricks are ideal for applications where maintaining dimensional stability and integrity at high temperatures is critical.

Parameter Table of Silica Refractory Bricks

ω (SiO2)/%μ0≥94
ω (Fe2O3)/%μ0≤1.4
Apparent Porosity/%μ0≤24
True Density (g/cm³)μ0≤2.35
Cold Crushing Strength/MPaμ0≥30
0.2MPa Refractoriness Underload/℃μ0≥1650

Do You Know The Applications of Silica bricks?

Uses of KERUI Good Brick in Furnace

Uses of Good Bricks in Kiln

Hot Blast Furnace

The hot blast furnace is an essential equipment of steel industry refractory. Silica refractory bricks are used for lining hot blast furnaces because of their high refractoriness and ability to withstand heat and chemical environments. Meanwhile, the bricks help maintain the structural integrity of the furnace and provide insulation to prevent heat loss.

Coke Oven

Coke ovens are used to produce coke. Silica refractory bricks are suitable for the walls, roofs and combustion chambers of coke ovens because of their high-temperature resistance and excellent acid resistance. Because, these bricks can withstand the high temperatures and chemical conditions in coke ovens, including high temperatures, corrosive gases and carbon build-up.


Silica refractory bricks are also suitable for use in incinerator linings for waste treatment. Because they are able to withstand high temperatures and resist chemical reactions with combustion gases and ashes. Silica bricks can help control and direct the heat generated during the incineration process, which ensures efficient waste combustion and reduces the risk of structural damage to the incinerator.

Glass Furnace

Glass furnace refractory plays an important role in producing various glass products. Silica refractory bricks are suitable for the walls and arches of glass kilns due to their excellent thermal stability and resistance to chemical attack. In addition, these bricks help maintain the high temperatures required for the glass melting and forming process. Silica bricks also provide insulation and reduce heat loss from the kiln.

Why Choose Kerui Silica Brick?

Competitive Price

Kerui’s competitive silica brick prices can help you extend the service life of your equipment without compromising quality. The factory of Zhengzhou Kerui (Group) Refractory Co., Ltd. is located in Xinmi City, which is rich in silica resources. Therefore, the production cost of Kerui silica bricks is lower. In addition, as the source manufacturer, it can provide you with factory direct selling prices.

Advanced Production Ability

Kerui adopts an automatic batching system, which controls ingredients by microcomputer. Meanwhile, there are 20 sets of 400 ton CNC presses and 2 1000 ton hydraulic presses, 140 kiln cars and two 168-meter high-temperature natural gas tunnel kilns. As a result, the advanced equipment effectively improves the strength and quality of silica bricks.

Comprehensive Customer Services

Kerui professional international business managers will supply comprehensive services for you. In terms of pre-sales, they provide you with one-to-one consulting services to help you choose refractory materials that meet your needs. Meanwhile, in terms of after-sales, Kerui will take regular return visits to solve any problems you will meet.

Benefits Offered by KERUI Silica Bricks

3 Tips to Buy Affordable Silica Brick

Clarify Your Requirement Choose Reliable Refractory Supplier Establish Long-term Cooperation
1When considering silica refractory bricks, it is essential to clarify your specific requirements to identify the most suitable type. So you should consider the factors such as the operating temperature, chemical environment, mechanical stress and thermal conductivity. By understanding these requirements, you can select the refractory brick that will best meet your needs. If you feel confused about this, Kerui technical team can help you.
2When selecting reliable refractory brick suppliers, it is indeed prudent for buyers to engage in a thorough comparison of different options. This entails examining suppliers across various aspects, such as their production qualifications, product pricing, technical teams and customer feedback. And no doubt that Kerui will definitely be your best choice.
3For those seeking to procure refractory bricks in substantial quantities, establishing a long-term cooperative relationship with Kerui proves to be a prudent approach. By fostering such a partnership, you can unlock the advantage of more favorable pricing. Moreover, it eliminates the need for constant supplier search, thereby reducing the associated costs and efforts.

With Kerui Refractory, you can trust in the durability and superior quality of our silica refractory bricks to meet your high-temperature requirements. If you want to cooperate with Kerui, you can contact us soon. Or you can follow us on YouTube.

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