Ceramic Fiber Tube

Kerui ceramic fiber tube is made using vacuum filtration molding. Therefore, it has good high temperature resistance and thermal shock resistance. Moreover, we can customize high temperature ceramic fiber tubes of different shapes and sizes according to customer needs.

  • Color: white
  • Bulk Density: 100kg/m³ – 300kg/m³
  • Service Temperature(≥): 1000℃ – 1260℃
  • Thermal Conductivity Coefficient: 0.034W/(m·K) – 0.2W/(m·K)
KERUI High Temperature Ceramic fiber Tube

Brief Introduction of Ceramic Fiber Tube

Strong Thermal Insulation
High Corrosion Resistance
Good Thermal Shock Resistance
Low Shrinkage
High Strength
Light Weight
Convenient Operating
Energy Saving

The raw material of ceramic fiber tube is aluminum silicate rubber cotton felt. Besides, it is made by mold processing, drying, curing and shaping like ceramic fiber rope. Kerui high temperature ceramic pipe has low thermal expansion properties while providing excellent thermal insulation. Furthermore, our ceramic fiber tubes are able to withstand high levels of compression, making them thermal shock resistant. In addition, Kerui high temperature ceramic pipe also has high dielectric properties and air tightness, providing better vacuum and environmental protection when used at extremely high temperatures.

KERUI Ceramic fiber Tube
KERUI Excellent Ceramic fiber Tube

Physical and Chemical Indicators of Ceramic Fiber Tube

Service Temperature/℃10001260
Shot Content %/(Φ>0.25mm)1113.6
Bulk Density (kg/m³)100-180150-300
Permanent Linear Change %/(After 24 hours)600℃3.5/
Thermal Conductivity Coefficient/[W/(m·K)]20℃0.034/

Tips: this table is formulated concerning Chinese refractory industry standards. Contact us or follow us on Pinterest for more information.

The Main Uses of Kerui Ceramic Fiber Tube

The main material of ceramic insulation tube is ceramic fibers, which are usually made of high-temperature refractory materials such as alumina (Al2O3), silicon dioxide (SiO2) and silicon nitride (Si3N4). Therefore, it is ideal for use in high temperature environments. Below are its 5 main uses.

  • High temperature insulation: ceramic fiber and high temp ceramic blanket have good insulation properties and low thermal conductivity, so you can use it as an insulation layer for high temperature equipment. These equipment include high temperature furnaces, heat treatment furnaces, glass melting furnaces, etc. Ceramic tubing can effectively reduce heat conduction and loss in these applications and improve the energy utilization of the equipment.
  • High temperature pipeline transportation: because ceramic fiber sleeve has excellent high temperature resistance, you can use them for the transportation of high temperature gases, liquids and solids. We can use it in petrochemical, metallurgical and power industries. Moreover, Kerui ceramic fiber pipes can replace traditional metal pipes and are more stable and reliable in high temperature environments.
  • Corrosive media transportation: in fields such as chemical industry, metallurgy and battery manufacturing, many media are highly corrosive to metals. However, refractory tube can maintain stable performance in these harsh environments. As a result, this reduces pipe maintenance and replacement costs and increases equipment lifespan.
  • Optical fiber communication: You can use Kerui ceramic fiber pipe insulation to protect and support fiber optics. This prevents it from being damaged and squeezed by the external environment. Therefore, this helps to improve the stability and reliability of fiber optic communication systems.
  • Aerospace: in spacecraft such as aerospace vehicles, rockets and missiles, due to the particularity of the working environment, they require high temperature and corrosion resistant China refractory materials. Ceramic fiber pipe insulation can meet these requirements.

Refractory Fibre

The Best Ceramic Fiber Tube Manufacturer – Kerui Refractory

Rich Export Experience

Kerui Company has many years of experience in the international market and has successfully exported its refractory products to Europe, America, Asia and many other regions. This rich export experience enables Kerui to respond quickly to market demands on a global scale. As a result, we can efficiently handle international logistics and customs duties, ensuring customers receive their ceramic fiber tubes on time and safely.

Source Manufacturer

As the source manufacturer, Kerui controls the entire process from raw material procurement to finished product production. So, this not only ensures high standards and consistency of product quality, but also makes cost control more effective. Kerui adopts advanced production technology and a strict quality management system. So, they ensure that every batch of ceramic fiber pipe meets or exceeds customer expectations.

Long Lasting

Kerui ceramic fiber products, refractory bricks and calcium aluminate cement all have excellent high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and mechanical stability. Moreover, these features ensure product stability and long-term durability in extreme environments, reducing maintenance costs. Long service life is one of the important reasons why Kerui products are favored in the international market.

Customized Services

Kerui Company provides customized services. From the size and shape of our refractory products to their performance characteristics, we can adapt them to our customer’s specific applications and requirements. Kerui technical team works closely with customers. Therefore, they ensure that the final product fully meets the customer’s expectations and application needs. Finally, if you have needs for refractory products, please contact us.

Package of Kerui Refractory Fibre


Overall, as the best ceramic fiber tube supplier, Kerui has rich experience, professional knowledge, high quality products and excellent customer service. This has thus earned them industry recognition and customer trust. Welcome to contact us for a free quote, we will give you the best price!

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