Anchor Brick

Anchor brick has a specific shape. Generally, we install them on the shell of an industrial kiln or the steel structure supporting the furnace lining. Then, we bury it in a refractory lining so that it acts as an anchor and link.

  • Al2O3(≥): 42% – 85%
  • Bulk Density: 2.15g/cm3 – 2.8g/cm3
  • Refractoriness: 173℃ – 1810℃
  • Apparent Porosity(≤): 18% – 24%
Anchor Brick

What is an Anchor Brick?

Anchor bricks are also called suspended bricks and anchors. It is a new type of refractory brick used in industrial furnace roof construction. In addition, the refractory anchor bricks are made of high-quality bauxite as raw material, with an alumina content of 48~80%. Then, it is made by pressing and high-temperature firing at the Kerui factory. On the one hand, anchor bricks are mainly used to connect and support the structure of refractory bricks and ordinary fired bricks. So, we use it to heat furnace roofs, furnace walls or other parts. On the other hand, anchor bricks play the role of skeleton connection in pouring dense castable refractory. Moreover, Kerui can choose the same material as the furnace lining castable according to the customer’s requirements.

erui High Alumina Anchor brick
High Alumina Anchor bricks for Sale
High Alumina brick

2 Types of Kerui Anchor Brick

Kerui is a refractory fire bricks manufacturer with rich export experience. Moreover, the anchor bricks produced by Kerui include clay anchor bricks and high alumina anchor bricks. Therefore, buy anchor bricks from Kerui and we not only provide you with quality products but also the best prices. Besides, you can also follow us on Facebook for more details.

Item/GradeFireclay Anchor BrickHigh Alumina Anchor Brick
Al2O3 %≥42≥55≥60≥65≥75≥80≥85≥80
Fe2O3 %≤2≤2.0≤2.0≤1.5≤1.5///
Permanent Linear Change/%1350 ℃×2h1500 ℃×2h1500 ℃×2h1500 ℃×2h1500 ℃×2h1550 ℃×2h1550 ℃×2h1550 ℃×3h
Apparent Porosity/%≤23≤24≤23≤23≤23≤22≤20≤18
Bulk Density (g/cm³)≥2.15≥2.25≥2.35≥2.40≥2.65≥2.7≥2.75≥2.8
0.2MPa Refractoriness Underload/℃≥1450≥1450≥1470≥1480≥1500≥1500≥1520≥1450

Advantages of Anchor Brick

High Refractoriness
High Strength
Good Mechanical Performance
Good Spalling Resistance
Low Thermal Conductivity
Excellent Thermal Shock Resistance

Extended Service Life

Anchor bricks have high fire resistance and corrosion resistance. It can reduce the wear and corrosion rate of the inner wall of the kiln, making the internal structure of the kiln more stable and durable. Thus, the use of anchor bricks greatly extends the service life of the kiln.

Reduce Kiln Costs

The use of refractory anchor brick reduces the need for frequent replacement and maintenance of the kiln lining. Therefore, this reduces kiln repair and replacement costs. Alternatively, the high temperature bricks are easy to install and can improve construction efficiency.

Improve Energy Saving Effect

Refractory anchor bricks have good thermal insulation properties and can effectively reduce heat loss inside the kiln. Therefore, it improves the thermal efficiency of the kiln and reduces energy consumption. Besides, you can follow us on Facebook for more information.

High Alumina bricks
Excellent High Alumina brick
Rerfractory brick

Application of Anchor Brick

Overall, anchor bricks have a variety of uses in industry. We mainly use it as a lining material in high-temperature and highly corrosive equipment. At the same time, it plays a role in protecting equipment and improving production efficiency.

  • Kiln lining: we often use anchor brick for the lining of high-temperature equipment such as kilns and furnaces. It can effectively protect the inner wall of the kiln from high temperature and erosion and extend the service life of the kiln.
  • Heat treatment furnace lining: anchor brick is also widely used in heat treatment furnaces, annealing furnaces, quenching furnaces and other equipment. So, like jm23 insulation brick, its thermal insulation performance can effectively protect the inner wall of the furnace and improve heat treatment efficiency.
  • Casting equipment lining: in the foundry industry, we use anchor bricks as lining materials for smelting furnaces, casting furnaces and other equipment. Moreover, it can withstand the erosion of high-temperature molten metal and protect the equipment structure from corrosion damage. Therefore, this ensures a smooth casting process.
  • Environmentally friendly equipment lining: environmentally friendly equipment will also use anchor bricks. Such as the lining of incinerators and flue gas desulfurization and denitrification equipment. Most importantly, its corrosion resistance can effectively resist the erosion of equipment by acid mist, high-temperature flue gas, etc. So, this reduces environmental pollution to a great extent.
Use of Refractory Bricks
Kiln Lining
Application in Precision Casting Industry
Casting Equipment Lining

Professional Anchor Brick Manufacturer – Kerui Refractory

Source Manufacturer

Kerui has its own production factory and has mastered the production technology and process of anchor bricks. Therefore, as a fire rated bricks manufacturer, Kerui anchor brick company can control the quality of raw materials and ensure the stability of products.

Well Designed

We have a professional design team that can provide customized anchor brick solutions according to customer needs. They carefully design the product structure and optimize the material ratio. So, Kerui company ensures that the anchor bricks have stable performance.

Delicate Management

Kerui implements a strict production management system during the production process. Kerui will strictly control everything from raw material procurement, production and processing to finished product inspection. So, we ensure that every aspect meets standard requirements.

Precision Manufacturing

We use advanced production equipment and technology to ensure the processing accuracy and surface finish of anchor bricks. That is to say, after exquisite manufacturing technology, the anchor bricks produced by Kerui Refractory Bricks China have a high degree of consistency.

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