High Heat Resistant Bricks

Kerui high heat resistant bricks are chemically and physically stable at high temperatures. The properties of refractory bricks allow them to withstand the stresses caused by repeated exposure to heat. Therefore, it is known for retaining strength at high temperatures.

  • Al2O3(≥): 55% – 99%
  • Bulk Density: 1.9g/cm3 – 3.9g/cm3
  • Refractoriness Underload: 1250℃-1790℃
  • Cold Crushing Strength:25MPa – 200MPa

Acid Refractory Material

Parameters of High Heat Resistant Bricks Sizes and Shapes

There are many types of refractory bricks. Here I will introduce 6 types of fire brick sizes and shapes for you. That is two types of straight fire brick (T-3, T-6), two types of thick wedge fire brick (T-19, T-20) and two types of side wedge fire brick (T-38, T-39). Besides, we also support customized fire bricks. In addition, this table is formulated with reference to Chinese refractory industry standards. Contact us for more information.

Refractory brick ItemSiza, mmShape
T38230×114×65/55Side Arch
T39230×114×65/45Side Arch
Thin brick 20230×114×20Cuboid
Thin brick 30230×114×30Cuboid
Thin brick 40230×114×40Cuboid
Large size230×57×65Cuboid
Large size520×230×113Cuboid
Large size650×230×113Cuboid
Large size780×230×113Cuboid
Large size452×230×65Cuboid
G5230×150/120×75Side Arch
G6230×150/110×75Side Arch

Characteristics of High Heat Resistant Bricks

Heat resistant fire bricks possess several characteristic properties that make them suitable for high-temperature applications. It’s important to note that the specific characteristics of high temperature bricks can vary depending on the composition and manufacturing process. Different types of fire bricks, such as silica bricks, magnesia refractory bricks and high alumina bricks, may have slightly different properties tailored for specific applications and temperature ranges.

High Temperature Resistance

We design high heat resistant bricks to withstand extremely high temperatures without significant deformation or loss of strength. Therefore, they can typically withstand temperatures from 1250℃ (2282℉) to 1790℃ (3254℉) or even higher temperatures.

Chemical Resistance

Kerui heat resistant fire bricks can resist chemical attacks by molten metal, slag, gas and other corrosive substances. In addition, they are composed of materials that can withstand the chemical reactions and corrosive effects of these substances.

Low Thermal Conductivity

This feature helps minimize heat loss when operating industrial equipment. Furthermore, using Kerui refractory bricks within high-temperature equipment helps maintain more efficient heat transfer. This thereby reduces energy consumption.

Impact Resistance

In the industrial sector, we often subject wholesale refractory brick to mechanical forces such as abrasion and impact. However, Kerui refractory bricks are formulated to withstand such mechanical stresses and maintain their structural integrity.

Mechanical Strength

Our high temperature bricks have high mechanical strength. Therefore, it can withstand the weight of surrounding materials and the stresses generated during thermal expansion and contraction. Therefore, this ensures their structural integrity.

Dimensional Stability

Heat resistant fire bricks exhibit good dimensional stability even at extreme temperatures. This means they won’t expand, shrink or warp significantly. This, in turn, allows them to maintain their shape and fit into the device to which they are applied.

High Heat Resistant Bricks
Silica Bricks
High Heat Resistant Bricks from KERUI
Magnesia Bricks
Good Quality of High Heat Resistant Bricks
High Alumina Bricks

Widely Used in the Following Fields of High Heat Resistant Bricks

Refractory bricks are an indispensable refractory material in industry. Its high performance makes it perfect for use in various high-temperature industries and equipment. Moreover, Kerui refractory bricks can also ensure the efficient operation of equipment. Below are some common application industries. If you want to know more specific industry information, you can follow us on Facebook.

  • Metallurgical industry: blast furnaces, converters, electric furnaces, smelting furnaces and molten iron treatment equipment.
  • Glass industry: glass kilns, glass melting furnaces, glass tanks and glass forming equipment.
  • Cement industry: cement-burning equipment such as rotary kilns and kiln heads.
  • Chemical industry: chemical furnaces, reactors, catalytic cracking units, high-temperature pipelines and storage tanks.
  • Electric power industry: coal-fired boilers, power station boilers and gas turbines.
  • Steel industry: steelmaking furnaces, ladles and molten iron treatment equipment.

Applications of Kerui Products

Leading High Heat Resistant Bricks Supplier – Kerui Refractory

Rich Export Experience

Kerui has extensive export experience in the field of refractory bricks. We work with customers all over the world and successfully export refractory brick products to 5 continents and more than 30 countries. Therefore, Kerui has a deep understanding of the needs and standards of the international market. In other words, we are able to provide refractory bricks that meet the requirements of different countries and regions.

Customized High Heat Resistant Bricks

We specialize in providing customized refractory brick solutions to our customers. Our team has extensive technical knowledge and experience. Therefore, we are able to provide customers with tailor-made refractory bricks based on their specific needs and application scenarios. Kerui supports customized products in shape, size and material. We will produce refractory bricks that best suit our customers’ needs.

Provide Overall Solutions

Kerui Company not only provides high heat resistant brick products but also provides customers with overall solutions. As professional refractory material manufacturers, we understand the application needs of different industries and work closely with our customers. What’s more, the package solution we provide includes refractory brick selection, design, installation guidance and after-sales service.

Long-Term Customer Relationship

We are committed to establishing solid partnerships and maintaining close communication and communication with our customers. By deeply understanding customer needs and feedback, Kerui is able to continuously improve its products and services. In addition, we will continue to provide better solutions. Besides, we also ensure reliability and continuity in the supply of refractory bricks to our customers.

Packaging and Delivery of Kerui Refractory Brick

Size of Refractory Bricks


So, choosing Kerui high heat resistant bricks is your right choice. If you are interested in our refractory products or have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We will reply as soon as possible.

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