High Alumina Castable

High Alumina Castable finds applications in various high-temperature industries. What’s more, it provides effective insulation, protection against thermal stresses and extended service life in these demanding environments. Moreover, Kerui excellent high-aluminum castable will bring you great economic benefits.

  • Al2O3 (≥): 50%-80%
  • High Alumina Castable Refractory Density: 2.15-2.65g/cm³
  • Refractoriness : 1700℃-1780℃
  • Cold Crushing Strength: 25-40MPa
Kerui High Alumina Castable for Sale

What is High Alumina Castable?

High-aluminum castables use high-alumina bauxite clinker as aggregate and refractory clay as powder. Then add aluminate cement and sodium tripolyphosphate to prepare and mix according to the formula proportion. Finally, the refractory castable is made.

High Alumina Castable typically contains a high percentage of alumina (Al2O3) content. So alumina castable imparts its high temperature resistance and other desirable properties. The alumina aggregates used in the castable are usually made from materials. Such as tabular alumina, calcined bauxite, or brown fused alumina. Therefore, these aggregates provide the castable with high refractoriness, strength and resistance to chemical attack.

High Alumina Castable for Sale
Kerui High Alumina Castables
Kerui High Alumina Refractory Castable

Parameters of High Alumina Castable

ω (Al2O3) ≥/%5060657080
Refractoriness ≥/℃170172172172178
Bulk Density ≥/ (g/cm³)110℃*24h2.152.30 2.40 2.452.65
Cold Modulus of Rupture ≥/MPa4.0 5.0 6.0 6.0 7.0
Cold Crushing Strength ≥/Mpa2530353540
Permanent Linear Change (T/℃*3h)/%±0.8

Characteristics of High Alumina Refractory Castable

High refractoriness
Good wear resistance
Good corrosion resistance
Little air tightness
Good thermal shock resistance
High mechanical strength

Outstanding Economic Benefits

Choosing high alumina castable brings significant economic benefits. First, due to its excellent fire resistance and corrosion resistance, high alumina castable has a relatively long service life, reducing maintenance costs. Secondly, high alumina castable can effectively improve the thermal efficiency and production efficiency of the furnace. Thereby reducing energy bills. In addition, due to its excellent wear resistance, high-aluminum castables reduce equipment wear and damage and repair costs. This further improves economic efficiency.

Stable Structure

The structural stability of high alumina castable is one of the important reasons for their popularity. High alumina castable adopts advanced production technology and material formulas to ensure the uniformity and consistency of the product. It has good resistance to high temperatures, hot and cold cycles and thermal shock resistance. Therefore, it is able to maintain structural stability and integrity under the effects of temperature changes and mechanical stress. This also ensures the safety and stability of the production process.

Chemical Test
Packing high aluminum castables
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What are the Application Areas of High Alumina Castable Refractory?

High Temperature Furnace and Furnace Bottom

High temperature furnaces and furnace bottom are central components in many industrial processes. So it withstands extremely high temperatures and severe working conditions. The high-temperature stability and wear resistance of high alumina castable make them an ideal choice. It can withstand thermal cycling and thermal shock in high temperature environments. Moreover, it has high wear resistance and can resist erosion and wear from materials such as ore, melt and waste.

Aluminum Electrolytic Cell

Aluminum electrolytic cell is an important equipment in the aluminum electrolysis production process. High alumina castable plays a key role in this. It is resistant to high temperatures and chemical corrosion while having good electrolyte and conductive properties. Therefore, the use of high alumina castable can extend the service life of electrolytic cells and improve electrolysis efficiency. This significantly reduces production costs. Additionally, it can be used with refractory bricks.

Heat Treatment Furnace

We use the heat treatment furnace for heating, maintaining and cooling metal materials. This requires products with high temperature resistance, heat cycle resistance and excellent thermal conductivity. High alumina castable has excellent heat resistance and thermal conductivity. Therefore, it can withstand thermal shock and cyclic heating at high temperatures. It also provides good thermal insulation, reduces energy consumption and improves heat treatment efficiency.

Iron and Steel Making Equipment

In the iron and steel making processes, high aluminum castable is widely used in high-temperature areas like lightweight brick. Such as converters, electric furnaces and steelmaking ladles. It can withstand the smelting process at high temperatures, resist erosion by molten iron, slurry and gas and has good heat cycle resistance. In other words, the use of high aluminum castable can improve the smelting efficiency of production equipment. Thus we can ensure the stability of product quality.

Kerui High Alumina Refractory Castable

Strict Quality Control of Kerui High Alumina Castable

Quality Certificate

Kerui company attaches great importance to the importance of quality inspection certificates. We have passed a series of international certifications such as ISO, CE and SGS. Therefore, Kerui Refractory can ensure that products meet the requirements of national and industry standards. Through quality certificates, we can ensure the quality reliability and compliance of our high aluminum castable.

Strict Screening of Raw Materials

Kerui Refractory is very cautious in the use of raw materials. Kerui is a quality supplier and can provide reliable raw materials. When raw materials enter the factory, we carry out strict screening and inspection. Including tests on appearance, size, chemical composition, etc. Only raw materials that meet the requirements can enter the production process to ensure product quality and performance.

Monitoring of Production Processes

By comprehensively monitoring the production process, Kerui ensures that every link meets quality requirements. We use advanced production equipment and technology and are equipped with professional operators. During the production process, we strictly control process parameters, monitor temperature, etc. So the quality of our high aluminum castable is stable and consistent at every production stage.

Quality Inspection

Our company has a dedicated quality inspection team responsible for comprehensive quality inspection of products. This includes visual inspection, dimensional measurement, physical and chemical performance testing, durability evaluation and many other aspects. We use advanced testing equipment and methods to ensure that each refractory product undergoes rigorous inspection and testing.

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Your Best Choice for High Alumina Castable Manufacturer – Kerui Refractory

Strong Production Capacity

As a professional manufacturer of high alumina castables in China, Kerui has advanced production equipment and has strong production capacity. Our factory is located in a raw material gathering place and is able to meet the needs of large-volume orders. We guarantee the punctuality of delivery. We are able to meet customer needs in an efficient and stable manner.

Advanced Production Technology

Our company adopts advanced production technology and continuously introduces and adopts the latest technology and equipment. We are committed to improving production efficiency and product quality and constantly innovating and optimizing processes. Through advanced processes, we are able to produce high-quality, high-performance high alumina castable.

Customized Solutions

There are many refractory material manufacturers, Kerui focuses on communication with customers and provides customized solutions. Our team has extensive industry experience and expertise. Therefore, we can tailor the most suitable refractory products and solutions according to customer needs and requirements. We are committed to building long-term relationships with our customers.

Excellent After-Sales Service

Kerui company attaches great importance to after-sales service and always puts customer satisfaction first. We provide timely and thoughtful after-sales support, including installation guidance, repair and maintenance of high alumina castable. Our after-sales team is ready to provide support and solve problems for customers to ensure that their production and operations run smoothly.

Kerui Meeting on technical discussions

Precautions When Using High Alumina Castable

Stir Dry Ingredients and Water

Make sure to stir the dry ingredients thoroughly when making the high-aluminum castable slurry, then gradually add water. Control the amount of water used to ensure the best results after pouring. If you don’t know the appropriate amount of water, you can contact us for technical support.

Use a Blender

It is recommended to use a blender to prepare high alumina castables as it ensures uniform mixing of the castables. However manual stirring is prohibited as manual stirring cannot achieve a uniform mixing effect. The consequence is to affect the performance and quality of the castables.

Made on Demand

Be sure to make the appropriate amount of high-aluminum castable according to your own needs. In addition, we should use up the prepared castable within 30 minutes. Because the castable will begin to solidify after a certain period of time, the solidified castable can no longer be used.

Avoid Anchor Parts

During using high alumina castable and other monolithic refractory cement, pay attention to avoiding the location of anchors (such as bolts, nuts, etc.). This avoids affecting the stability and safety of fixed equipment or components. In addition, these parts are an important part of the factory machine and they must not be damaged.

Pouring Thickness

Determine the thickness of the pouring according to the design requirements and do not adjust it at will. Different application scenarios and structural requirements may require different pouring thicknesses. Everyone must ensure that construction is carried out in accordance with design requirements.

Check the Pouring Body

After demoulding, carefully check the quality and surface condition of the cast body. obviously, if construction problems, such as cracks, voids or other defects are found, rework will be carried out according to the specific circumstances. That is to say, ensure the quality and practicality of the cast body.

High aluminum castable produced by Kerui


By choosing Kerui Group as a supplier of high alumina castable, you can get a reliable partner to meet your needs. At the same time, you can get excellent product quality,  service experience as well as reasonable high alumina castable price. Feel free to contact us on Youtube anytime!

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