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There are many ways to buy fire bricks. However, it is a question of where to buy cheap fire bricks. As a reputable entity in the realm of refractory materials, Kerui proudly promises to supply the most cost-effective fire bricks. Therefore, if you want to purchase fire brick, Kerui is the best option.

  • Al2O3%% (≥): 55 – 99
  • Bulk Density (g/cm3): 1.9 – 3.9
  • Refractoriness Underload (℃): 1250 – 1790
  • Cold Crushing Strength (MPa): 25 – 200
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Do You Know Fire Bricks?

Where to buy or purchase fire bricks? Before buying high density fire bricks, you should know what is fire brick. So do you understand fire bricks? So this part will introduce the bricks to you.

Fire bricks, acknowledged as refractory bricks or heat-resistant bricks, exemplify a specific category of bricks that have the ability to endure elevated temperatures, withstand rigorous mechanical stress and thrive in inhospitable chemical environments. Meanwhile, with good heat resistance, these fire bricks can withstand the temperature of 1580-2000℃ (2876-3632℉). As a result, various industries such as non-ferrous metal industry, steel industry, glass industry, ceramic industry and many other fields can use fire bricks. However, different fire bricks can be suitable for different industries. Additionally, if you want to know which brick is the best option, you can contact us for free.

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Fire Brick with Different Types

Normally, Kerui divides fire bricks into many types, according to their chemical compositions and dimensions. Here is the basic description of them. They include the best fire bricks element images and colors.

3 Types of Fire Brick

Aluminum-silicon Fire Bricks

Aluminum-silicon fire bricks primarily comprise Al2O3 and SiO2, which makes them a distinguished series of fire products celebrated for their exceptional refractory properties. Besides, these custom fire bricks boast an impressive refractory temperature that often surpasses 1600℃ (2912℉). So this comprehensive selection ensures that there is an ideal aluminum-silicon fire brick solution available to cater to the specific needs of various industrial applications.

AZS Bricks

Cold Crushing Strength:≥70-80MPa
Apparent Porosity:18-20%

Buy AZS Fire Brick from KERUI

High Alumina Bricks

Cold Crushing Strength:≥40-70MPa
Apparent Porosity:19-26%
0.2MPa Refractoriness Underload:1420-1530℃

Buy High-alumina Fire Brick from KERUI

Fire Clay Bricks

Cold Crushing Strength:≤15-45MPa
Apparent Porosity:20-28%

Buy Clay Fire Brick from KERUI

Mullite Bricks

Cold Crushing Strength:≥25MPa
Apparent Porosity:26-28%

Buy Mullite Fire Brick from KERUI

Corundum Bricks

Cold Crushing Strength:≥80-100MPa

Buy Corundum Fire Brick from KERUI

Magnesia Fire Bricks

Magnesia refractory bricks, predominantly consisting of magnesia raw material, represent an eminent category of alkaline composite refractory products. Notably, the chemical composition of these new industrial fire bricks primarily comprises MgO and CaO. Meanwhile, the remarkable MgO content typically surpasses 60%. Thus, as high-grade refractory bricks, they boast a diverse range of applications, which underscores their versatility and adaptability in various industrial settings.

Magnesia Bricks

MgO: ≥89-97.5%
SiO2: ≤1-2.5%
CaO: ≤2-3%
Apparent Porosity: ≤16-20%

Buy Kerui Magnesia Fire Brick

Magnesia Carbon Bricks

MgO: ≥69-85%
C: ≥5-18%
Apparent Porosity: ≤3.5-8%
Cold Crushing Strength: 30-50MPa

KERUI Magnesia Carbon Brick

Magnesia Chrome Bricks

MgO: ≥45-65%
Cr2O3: ≥8-16%
Apparent Porosity: ≤19-22%
Cold Crushing Strength: 30-35MPa

kerui Magnesia Chrome Bricks

Magnesia-aluminum Spinel Bricks

MgO: ≥80%
Al2O3: ≥10%
Apparent Porosity: ≤17%
Cold Crushing Strength: ≥50MPa

Buy Magnesia Alumina Spinel Brick from Kerui

Magnesium Iron Spinel Bricks

MgO: ≥85%
Al2O3: 3-5%
Cold Crushing Strength: ≥50-55MPa

Buy Magnesia Iron Brick from Kerui

Silica Fire Bricks

SiO2 content in silica fire bricks exceeds 94%. Meanwhile, the bricks primarily consist of high-quality quartz or silica sand. As acid bricks, they are suitable for application in masonry coke ovens. However, it is important to note that silica fire bricks are not suitable for use in thermal equipment operating below 600℃(1112℉) or subject to significant temperature fluctuations. Besides, their limitations in these specific conditions stem from their composition and properties. Nevertheless, within their recommended temperature range, silica fire bricks exhibit remarkable performance and reliability.
SiO2: ≥94%
Fe2O3: ≤1.4%
Apparent Porosity: ≤24%
Cold Crushing Strength: ≥30MPa

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Good Silica Fire Brick from Kerui

Different Dimensions of Fire Brick

Standard Fire Bricks

The size of standard fire bricks is 230*114*65mm. This type of fire bricks is generally suitable for various industrial kilns or furnaces. Meanwhile, these bricks represent a universal standard in the industry. Due to following unified standards, they are widely recognized.

Buy Standard High-temp Fire Brick

Common Shaped Fire Bricks

Common shaped fire bricks mainly include: skew brick, side arch brick, end arch side, key brick and so on. The bricks meet most of the special needs of customers. Additionally, they minimize the need for additional blocks and joints to reduce your fire brick blocks cost.

Buy Kerui Wedge Fire Brick

Customized Fire Bricks

In addition to the cheap fire brick types mentioned above, Kerui can also provide customized services. So customers can provide drawings for customization of dimensions and even chemical composition. Besides, this type of bricks will take 3-7 days for bricks to come out of the kiln.

Various Types of Kerui Fire Bricks

Where Do or Can You Buy Fire Bricks?

Buy Offline Or Online?

Where can I buy fire bricks? Generally, most customers will choose to buy firebricks liner through both online and offline channels. In offline channels, you can buy fire bricks in local stores or through industry exhibitions. So you can intuitively feel the quality of the bricks and buy bricks faster. Besides, buying Kerui fire bricks online on Google is a good choice. Because it can give you more options and the most cost-effective bricks.

Buy From Other Suppliers Or From Kerui?

Additionally, there are too many refractory bricks suppliers on Google. As a result, it is difficult to find a reliable one. Thus, you should consider purchasing from Kerui or other suppliers in many aspects. Besides, you can compare their production qualifications, product pricing, technical expertise, and customer reviews. At the same time, you will find that Kerui Refractory is the best among these refractory bricks suppliers.

The Best KERUI Refractory Factory

Various Properties of Fire Bricks

When you buy fire bricks, their properties are also an important factor to consider. Compared to other manufacturers, the refractory bricks from Kerui Group China have incomparable advantages. Therefore, Kerui fire bricks will ensure the efficiency and longevity of industrial processes.

High Temperature Resistance
Good Chemical Stability
Low Porosity
Excellent Mechanical Strength
Low Thermal Expansion
Ease of Installation
Good Thermal Shock Resistance

The Benefits Offered by KERUI Fire Bricks

Widespread Applications of Fire Brick

Kerui fire bricks for sale find widespread application in a multitude of industries and processes. These versatile fire bricks are extensively utilized in furnaces, fireplaces, incinerators, power generation facilities, as well as the refining and petrochemical industries. Besides, they also play a crucial role in smelting and metal processing operations. Due to their ability to withstand high temperatures, Kerui Refractory products rely on controlled high-temperature environments to carry out their operations effectively and reliably. Additionally,  if you want to know the specific applications of different refractory bricks, you can contact us at any time.

Wide Applications of Buying Good Refractory Bricks

Kerui Fire Bricks-Best High-temp Solution

Advanced Manufacturing Ability

Kerui modern production system brings a strong producing ability. Because of the automatic batching system, Kerui can control the raw material ratio by a microcomputer. Additionally, Kerui holds 20 sets of 400-ton CNC presses and 2 1000-ton hydraulic presses, and two 168-meter high-temperature natural gas tunnel kilns. So this can greatly improve its production efficiency.

Kerui Good Producing Ability

Professional Technical Support

Should you find yourself perplexed by selecting and constructing fire bricks. Allow me to allay your concerns. Because Kerui proudly boasts a team of proficient technical personnel who possess the expertise to navigate these matters with ease. So, with their profound knowledge and experience, they are well-equipped to assist you in resolving any queries or challenges you may encounter.

Fire Brick Technical Team

Competitive Fire Brick Price

Advantageous location creates affordable prices Kerui is in Xinmi City, Henan Province, which is the capital of refractory materials. As a result, as the source manufacturer, it can offer competitive firebrick prices. Meanwhile, Kerui strives to reduce the cost of fire bricks without compromising quality. So the fire bricks from Kerui refractory will be your budget-friendly choice.

Buy High Quality Fire Brick in China

Where do you buy fire bricks? Kerui fire bricks always are the most trustworthy. Meanwhile, It will provide all the refractory products you need to extend equipment life. And Kerui is here to serve you at any time. Meanwhile, you can find us on Youtube.

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