High Temperature Ceramic Insulation

High temperature ceramic insulation are fibrous product made of high-temperature refractory materials. Therefore, they have excellent high temperature resistance and thermal insulation properties. We widely use high temperature ceramic fiber in industrial fields and high-temperature equipment. etc.

  • Al2O3% (≥): 16 – 32
  • Bulk Density (kg/m3): 64 – 500
  • Classification Temperature(℃): 650 – 1430
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Simple Introduction of High Temperature Ceramic Insulation

Excellent Thermal Insulation
Low Heat Storage
Great Insulation
light Weight
Non Flammable
Good Durability
Good Sound Absorption

Ceramic fibers are usually made of inorganic materials such as alumina and silicate. In addition, Kerui high temperature ceramics through a special spinning process. Moreover, there are various types of ceramic fiber products. Common high temp ceramic insulation products mainly include ceramic fiber board, ceramic fiber blanket, ceramic fiber module, ceramic fiber rope, ceramic fiber tube and ceramic fiber paper. If you need a certain type of ceramic fiber product, you can contact us.

In addition, you may wonder what temperature can ceramic withstand. The high temperature resistance of high heat ceramic products depends on their specific material composition and manufacturing process. Different types of high temp ceramic products have different maximum high temperature resistance. Generally speaking, Kerui ceramic temperature resistance can withstand high temperatures ranging from 650℃(1202℉) to 1430℃(2606℉). For example, alumina fibers can typically withstand high temperatures up to about 1430℃. Silicate fibers can usually withstand high temperatures between 1000℃(1832℉) and 1400℃(2552℉).

Ceramic Fiber Board
Ceramic Fiber Board
KERUI High Temperature Ceramic Blanket
Ceramic Fiber Blanket
Ceramic Fiber Module
Ceramic Fiber Module

Ceramic Fiber Rope
Ceramic Fiber Rope
High Temperature Ceramic Insulation of Ceramic Fiber Tube
Ceramic Fiber Tube
High Temperature Ceramic Insulation of Ceramic Fiber Paper
Ceramic Fiber Paper

Parameter of Different High Temperature Ceramic Insulation

NameCeramic Fiber BoardCeramic Fiber BlanketCeramic Fiber ModuleCeramic Fiber RopeCeramic Fiber TubeCeramic Fiber Paper
Bulk Density (kg/m³)250-36064-128160-220380-500100-300200-240
Permanent Linear Change ≤/%1000℃- 1350℃x 24h 3.01000℃- 1350℃x 24h 2.5-3.01000℃- 1350℃x 24h 3.0/600℃- 1000℃x 24h 2.0-3.5/
Classification Temperature/℃1260-14301260-14301260-1430650-10001000-12600.3

Application of High Temperature Ceramic Insulation

Furnace Lining

The ceramic fiber module or board made of high heat ceramic can be used as furnace lining materials. Such as industrial furnaces, glass kilns, oil refining furnaces and casting furnaces. They are able to withstand high temperatures and chemical corrosion, protecting the furnace structure from damage.

Glass Manufacturing

Excellent high temperature ceramic insulation is often used for thermal insulation and insulation during the glass manufacturing process. Such as glass kiln linings and heat shields. That is, they can withstand high-temperature glass melting processes, reduce energy losses and increase production efficiency.

Metal Smelting

We also use high heat ceramic extensively in metal smelting and casting processes. For example, it is used in thermal insulation layers, thermal insulation layers and filter layers. So, they can withstand the action of high-temperature molten metal, reduce energy loss and improve smelting efficiency.

Other Uses

High temperature ceramic fiber products can also be used in high-temperature equipment in petrochemical, electric power, chemical industry, oil drilling and other industries. Generally, Kerui ceramic fiber products can perfectly provide thermal insulation, heat preservation and fire-resistant protection.

Applications of High Temperature Ceramic Insulation

Professional Service of Kerui Company

Provide Technical Support

Kerui has a professional team and rich experience. Therefore, we are able to answer technical questions about ceramic fiber products for customers. This includes the performance, suitability, installation methods of ceramic fiber products. Whether in the product selection stage or during use, Kerui can provide customers with accurate technical guidance and suggestions. Therefore, customers can get the best solutions from Kerui.

Strict Quality Control

We have standardized high heat ceramic production lines. Moreover, Kerui strictly monitors and manages all aspects of production, manufacturing and quality inspection. We ensure that the ceramic fiber products supplied comply with the relevant quality standards and specifications. So, the quality of our High temperature ceramic insulation is stable and reliable and can meet customer requirements and expectations.

Focus on Customer Experience

Kerui has always maintained good communication with customers and understood their specific needs and project requirements. Kerui provides personalized solutions and customizes products according to customer requirements. Additionally, we ensure on-time delivery and offer flexible delivery options. So, we are able to meet the specific needs of our customers and the customers have easy access to the products they need.

Provide After-sale Service

Customers can receive technical support and assistance during the use of high temperature ceramic insulation. Such as product installation, maintenance and troubleshooting. Moreover, Kerui company professional team will respond to customers’ needs in a timely manner and provide corresponding solutions. What’s more, we have been continuously improving our after-sales service to provide a better customer experience.

High Temperature Ceramic Insulation laboratory

Kerui Meeting on technical discussions


If you need high heat ceramic production for your industrial equipment, please feel free to contact us. On the one hand, we can provide you with high-quality high temperature ceramic fiber at low prices. On the other hand, we also have professional sales managers online to help you. You can learn more details about Kerui Refractory on YouTube.

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