Kerui Factory Successfully Completed the Major Upgrade and Transformation

Kerui Refractory actively responds to the call for national energy conservation, consumption reduction and environmental protection policies. After two years, the Kerui factory successfully completed the major upgrade and transformation. Moreover, our company refers to the green factory creation standards. Kerui has invested a total of RMB 80 million in this transformation to comprehensively upgrade the company’s original production system and factory equipment.

Kerui Fire Bricks Manufacturers

The Upgrade Process of Kerui Factory Equipment

In 2022, our company invested approximately 60 million yuan to complete the first phase of the renovation project. The main purpose is to dismantle the original No. 1 tunnel kiln with high energy consumption and build a new energy-saving high-temperature tunnel kiln. In addition, our newly built modern factory buildings and office facilities are approximately 13,000 square meters. At the same time, the company also upgraded the original automatic batching system to ensure the quality of fire resistant bricks for sale. The factory has built a new intelligently controlled automatic batching building and added 10 CNC press equipment. Moreover, a “digital production centralized control center” has been set up in the factory area. After this upgrade, the company’s automated production level has been greatly improved.

In 2023, our company invested another 20 million yuan in energy-saving upgrading and transformation of the No. 2 tunnel kiln production line. After the completion of the project, the current production capacity of Kerui refractory products can reach 100,000 tons per year. Our annual sales revenue is approximately 130 million yuan and we have achieved tax revenue of more than 13 million yuan.

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Kerui founded the company in 2004. It is located in the Refractory Industrial Zone – Chaohua Town, Xinmi City, Henan Province. In the future, in the face of iterative upgrades in industry innovation, Keruigroup will surely turn challenges into opportunities. In other words, we will give full play to our own advantages and plan a new round of development.

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