Kerui Magnesia Carbon Bricks Automated Production Line was Successfully Put into Use

Recently, Kerui Refractory introduced an advanced automated magnesia carbon bricks production line. This marks another big step forward for Kerui Company in production technology. What’s more, the successful use of this automated production line has further improved the production efficiency and product quality of Kerui Refractory. In other words, we can bring customers more cost-effective magnesia carbon bricks.

KERUI technical conference and productions workshop

Advantages of Kerui Magnesia Carbon Bricks Automated Production Line

Ensure Stable Product Quality

Kerui magnesia carbon brick automated production line has a precise control and monitoring system. It can monitor key parameters in the production process in real-time and perform automatic adjustments and control. This can reduce human errors caused by manual operations and improve product quality stability.

Shorten Delivery Time

Our automated production method can achieve efficient continuous production and improve the production efficiency of magnesite carbon bricks. Therefore, this greatly shortens the delivery time of refractory products. Besides, customers can obtain the required magnesia carbon brick products faster to meet their project schedule and needs.

Reduce Labor Costs

Kerui pays attention to cost control. Automated production lines reduce reliance on labor and introduce modern robotic arms. We only need a small number of personnel for monitoring and maintenance, which greatly reduces labor costs. This means lower production costs and higher profit margins for customers.

Strengthen Environmental Protection

Kerui automated production lines adopt advanced environmental protection technologies and measures. Therefore, automated production reduces the impact of harmful gases and hazardous substances on the environment. This meets customer requirements for sustainable development and environmental protection.

Automatic Refractory Brick Production System
Magnesia Carbon Bricks
Production Technology of KERUI


The use of this magnesia carbon brick automated production line further consolidates Kerui Refractory’s leading position in the refractory industry. This lays a solid foundation for the sustainable development of our company. Moreover, Kerui Refractory will continue to be committed to technological innovation and process improvement. So, we will provide better quality refractory products and better services to create greater value for customers.

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