Kerui Mullite Insulation Bricks Exported to Russia in 2023

In 2023, Kerui Refractory successfully exported its high-performance mullite insulation bricks to the Russian market. Kerui Company would like to express our sincere gratitude to our Russian customers for their trust in us. Besides, this has injected new vitality into the industrial cooperation between China and Russia. Read on for details.

Package of Mullite Insulation Bricks

Specific Details for Russian Customers to Cooperate with Kerui Refractory

  • Product: mullite insulation brick;
  • Type: GR-25;
  • Size: 230mmx114mmx76mm;
  • Color: white.

Advantages of Kerui Mullite Insulation Bricks

Kerui mullite insulation bricks have excellent thermal insulation performance, fire resistance and durability. It can effectively resist the erosion of high temperature environment and provide an excellent thermal insulation effect. Therefore, Kerui insulation bricks provide reliable protection for industrial equipment and structures. What’s more, Kerui has established close cooperative relationships with Russian partners, which lays the foundation for the successful export of products. The two parties have carried out in-depth cooperation in quality control, supply chain management and market development. Therefore, Kerui ensures that its refractory bricks for sale can meet the needs of the Russian market.

Positive Feedback from Russian Customers on Kerui Insulation Bricks

Russian customers spoke highly of the quality and performance of Kerui mullite insulation brick for sale. They believe that the introduction of this insulation brick will bring huge benefits to Russian industry. It improves the efficiency of equipment, extends its service life and plays an important role in energy saving and emission reduction. In addition, this cooperation not only promotes trade between China and Russia, but also provides an advanced solution for Russian industrial enterprises.

High Qulity of Insulation Bricks
Kerui Insulation Bricks
Insulation Bricks Factory


In general, the export of Keruigroup mullite insulation bricks to Russia is a successful business cooperation. Besides, it is also a model of industrial cooperation between China and Russia. In addition, this cooperation is an important milestone in our product internationalization strategy. Kerui sincerely welcomes domestic and foreign customers to cooperate with us. We aim to bring mutual prosperity and progress to the industrial development of both parties and achieve win-win cooperation.

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