Russian Customers Came to Kerui Factory to Inspect Refractory Products

Kerui factory, as a leading refractory material manufacturer, was honored to welcome a group of Russian customers recently. The customer’s purpose this time is to inspect refractory products. In addition, this inspection event marks the recognition of the high-quality products of the Kerui factory in the international market. It also further consolidated the cooperative relationship between Kerui and the Russian market. Read on for more detailed information.

Kerui Fire Brick Manufacturers Customers

Inspection Details for Russian Customers

During the inspection process, the Kerui factory demonstrated its advanced production equipment and strict quality control system. Russian customers conducted a comprehensive inspection of the production line of the Kerui factory. Furthermore, they carefully test and evaluate the product’s appearance, dimensions, physical properties and chemical composition. The technical staff of the Kerui factory actively cooperates with customers’ requirements and provides detailed technical data and product information. We aim to ensure that clients have a clear understanding of every indicator.

Russian customers have very high expectations for the reputation and product quality of Kerui factories. Moreover, this inspection event became an opportunity to further demonstrate the outstanding capabilities of the Kerui factory. Through the inspection process, Kerui factory demonstrated its highly professional team and unremitting pursuit of product quality. Our refractory bricks China have been rigorously reviewed by customers and have been highly recognized and appreciated. Therefore, customers highly praise the refractory products produced by Kerui Factory. They also expressed full confidence in its excellent performance and long-lasting durability.

Russian Customer Inspection of Kerui
Russian Customers Inspection
Russian Customer Inspection


Kerui Group China is very proud of the success of this inspection event. In addition, Kerui will continue to commit to continuously improving product quality and technological innovation to meet customer needs. Finally, Kerui Company looks forward to further cooperation with Russian customers and other international customers to jointly create a better future.

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