Kerui Refractory Bricks Masonry Site in Chinese Lime Kiln

Congratulations to Kerui refractory bricks for successfully completing another perfect construction project in a lime kiln in China! Thank you very much to our customers for recognizing the product quality and team of Kerui Refractory. Besides, please see the specific construction site and information below.

Packaging and Delivery of Kerui Refractory Brick

Specific Information of This Cooperation

  • Product: High Alumina Brick
  • Location: Shexian Country, Hebei, China
  • Type of Kiln: lime kiln
  • Application: linings of lime kiln

The customer wants to purchase a batch of refractory bricks for use in the lining of lime kilns. Then, the customer contacted Kerui and asked us about the most suitable  refractory bricks. The lining of the lime kiln is extremely hot and contains high concentrations of acid gases and corrosive materials. Therefore, this requires extremely high corrosion resistance of refractory bricks.

After in-depth communication between Kerui technical engineers and customers, they selected high alumina bricks that performed well in this regard. Kerui high alumina bricks have high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and thermal shock resistance. In addition, Kerui also provides a complete set of technical support during the construction process of the lime kiln. Finally, Kerui high-alumina bricks were successfully laid in the lime kiln lining.

Application of Refractory Bricks in Lime Kiln
High Alumina Brick with Higher Performance
High Alumina Brick Installation Site

The Thoughtful Service of Kerui

Technical Support

Whether it is the installation, configuration or use of high temperature refractory bricks, Kerui technical engineers will provide timely help and guidance. That is to say, they have deep technical knowledge and experience to understand your needs and provide appropriate solutions.

One to One Service

Kerui fully understands the unique needs of each customer and provides customized solutions based on the customer’s specific situation. Moreover, our sales managers will have in-depth communication with customers to understand their needs and expectations.

After-Sales Service

Kerui is committed to providing customers with comprehensive after-sales support. This includes product repair, troubleshooting, and technical training. We will maintain close contact with our customers to ensure that issues are resolved promptly.

Kerui Meeting on technical discussions


Keruigroup is an international refractory company. Moreover, we export our high-quality refractory bricks to many countries and are also popular domestically. If you are looking for a suitable refractory brick manufacturer, Kerui will be a good choice.

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