On-Site Installation of Kerui Refractory Products for Silicomanganese Furnace in Ulanqab

On November 16, 2023, Kerui refractory products were successfully installed in a silicomanganese furnace in Ulanqab! This pleasant cooperation shows that Ulanqab customers recognize Kerui high-quality refractory products. At the same time, it also proves the popularity of Kerui Group in the refractory materials market. Read on for a detailed look at the construction site.

The construction site of Kerui refractory materials

Ulanqab Customers Choose Kerui Refractory Products

Customers in Ulanqab inquired from us about the refractory products required for silicomanganese furnaces through the Kerui official website. Besides, our technical engineers conducted a professional assessment of the operating environment of the silicomanganese furnace and carefully discussed a set of plans with the customer.

Finally, according to the specific requirements of the furnace, the refractory products ordered by Ulanqab customers from Kerui include high alumina bricks, refractory cement, corundum castables and bauxite.

Kerui refractory products are known for their excellent high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and wear resistance. Ulanqab customers saw the successful installation cases of Kerui and the satisfactory feedback from other customers before purchasing. Therefore, the customers decisively decided to use Kerui refractory products in the silicomanganese furnace. Kerui is very grateful for the trust of Ulanqab customers.

Kerui Good Producing Ability
he construction site of refractory materials

Benefits of Using Kerui Refractory Products in Silicomanganese Furnace

By using Kerui refractory products, Ulanqab silicomanganese furnace has achieved significant results and benefits.


Kerui’s high-quality high-alumina bricks and refractory castables can resist the erosion of acidic and alkaline gases, thereby reducing the corrosion rate of the furnace wall.

Wear Resistance

Kerui refractory products can withstand the impact and friction of gases and molten materials. This protects the furnace walls from severe wear. So it extends the life of the stove to a great extent.

Excellent High Temperature Resistance

Kerui refractory products can withstand extremely high industrial operating temperatures and protect furnace walls from high-temperature corrosion and wear.

Improve Production Efficiency

The excellent performance of Kerui refractory products ensures the efficient operation of silicomanganese furnaces. Therefore, this increases productivity and output.

Kerui Customers


The on-site installation case of the Ulanqab silicomanganese furnace demonstrates the successful application of Kerui refractory products in high-temperature industrial environments. Moreover, Kerui Refractory will continue to provide reliable solutions for various high temperature applications. In addition, Kerui welcomes everyone to contact us and obtain cooperation at any time.

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