Types of Fire Bricks

Types of fire bricks are bricks that can withstand combustion and high temperatures. What’s more, its refractory degree is around 1750℃(3182℉). We usually use refractory raw materials and then make refractory bricks through batching, shaping and roasting. In addition, Kerui can produce standard fire bricks for different purposes according to the raw materials used. We can also make refractory bricks of different shapes according to the used parts of industrial equipment.

Size of Refractory Bricks

Fire Brick Shapes and Sizes

There are many types of fire bricks. Here I will introduce the 6 common firebrick types. That is two types of straight fire brick (T-3, T-6), two types of thick wedge fire brick (T-19, T-20) and two types of side wedge fire brick (T-38, T-39). Besides, we also support customized refractory brick. In addition, this table is formulated with reference to Chinese refractory industry standards. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Refractory brick ItemSiza, mmShape
T38230×114×65/55Side Arch
T39230×114×65/45Side Arch
Thin brick 20230×114×20Cuboid
Thin brick 30230×114×30Cuboid
Thin brick 40230×114×40Cuboid
Large size230×57×65Cuboid
Large size520×230×113Cuboid
Large size650×230×113Cuboid
Large size780×230×113Cuboid
Large size452×230×65Cuboid
G5230×150/120×75Side Arch
G6230×150/110×75Side Arch

Different Types of Fire Bricks

In practical applications, we can customize the combination and formula of refractory bricks according to specific process requirements. This way it can meet specific chemical environment and temperature conditions. Therefore, when selecting and using refractory bricks, customers should make selections based on specific processes and environmental requirements.

Alkaline Fire Bricks

The main composition of alkaline fire bricks is alkaline oxides such as magnesium oxide (MgO) and calcium oxide (CaO). Such as magnesia bricks. This type of high temp fire bricks has good corrosion resistance in alkaline environments. We use them in alkaline metallurgical furnaces, electrolyzers and glass kilns.

Wonderful Magnesia Bricks

Acid Fire Bricks

The main composition of acid fire bricks is silica (SiO2). Such as silica bricks. Moreover, this type of fire brick has good acid resistance and can withstand the erosion of acidic environments. We generally use them in high-temperature equipment such as acid metallurgical furnaces, acid converters and silicon furnaces.

Wonderful Silica Bricks

Neutral Fire Bricks

Neutral fire bricks are composed of alumina (Al2O3) and silica (SiO2). Such as high alumina fire bricks. They have relatively balanced acid and alkali resistance and can adapt to the requirements of neutral environments. We use Neutral fire bricks in metallurgical furnaces, glass kilns and chemical reactors.

High Alumina Fire Bricks


It should be noted that the classification of refractory bricks is not absolute. Some refractory bricks may have a variety of corrosion-resistant properties. When choosing fire bricks, customers can consult professional engineers or Kerui Refractory. Kerui’s technical team will provide the most accurate solutions according to customers’ specific requirements. Moreover, customers can also diy refractory bricks that are most suitable for your project in Kerui. Welcome to find Kerui on YouTube.

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