Korean Customers Visit Kerui Factory Recently

Recently, Kerui Refractory has welcomed a group of important customers – industrial enterprise representatives from South Korea. These customers are full of praise for Kerui’s reputation and product quality in the field of refractory materials. Therefore, they come specifically to inspect and identify the products they need. In addition, the target of this inspection is the high alumina bricks of Kerui Company.

Korean Customers Visit Kerui Factory

The Process of Visiting Kerui Factory

Under the leadership of Kerui’s technical team and leaders, the Korean customers visited the raw material processing, molding, sintering and other production links one by one. They witnessed with their own eyes the entire process of making high alumina refractory bricks from scratch. Moreover, customers are impressed by Kerui’s rigorous and meticulous production process and high-quality product quality. They all expressed their increased confidence in cooperation.

After the visit, Korean customers had in-depth communication on their needs with Keruiā€™s technical team. They described in detail the specifications, quantity and usage environment of the high alumina bricks required in the project. They hope that Kerui can tailor products to meet their needs. Kerui’s technical team listens to customers’ needs and provides professional advice. In addition, Kerui promises to deliver high-alumina bricks that meet standards on time to ensure the smooth progress of customer projects.

After some in-depth exchanges and communication, Korean customers are confident in Kerui’s production strength and product quality. Subsequently, Kerui Group China and the Korean customer reached an intention to cooperate.

Korean Customers Visit Kerui Factory
Customers Visit Kerui Factory
High Alumina Brick


During this unforgettable visit, Kerui Refractory demonstrated its professional production technology, high-quality fire resistance bricks and good service attitude. Therefore, this has won the favor and trust of Korean customers. This cooperation will be a good start for the long-term cooperation between the two parties in the future. Besides, Kerui will also continue to innovate to provide customers with better quality refractory products and achieve win-win development together.

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