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Welcome Everyone to Gather With Kerui at the 20th Iran METAFO Exhibition 2023

Kerui will participate in the 20th Iran METAFO Exhibition on November 24, 2023. What’s more, this METAFO Exhibition provides Kerui with an excellent opportunity to communicate with leading companies in the industry. In addition, Kerui also aims to expand partnerships in the Iranian market.

Detailed Information About Kerui in the 20th Iran METAFO Exhibition 2023

Iran is an important country along China “One Belt, One Road” initiative. In addition, it is also a natural partner for China and Iran to jointly build the “One Belt, One Road” initiative. At the 20th Iran METAFO Exhibition, Kerui Group will showcase our rich and diverse range of high-quality refractory materials. The following is Kerui-specific participation information.

    • Name: the 20th Iran METAFO Exhibition 2023
    • Date: 24th -27th November 2023
    • Location: Tehran International Permanent Fairground Halls, Iran
    • Entrance Hall: 44/2
    • Booth Number: B08

Iran exhibition location

The Highlights of Kerui at the 20th Iran METAFO Exhibition 2023

Advanced Refractory materials

Kerui will showcase our latest research and high-performance refractory materials. Including refractory bricks, insulation bricks, ceramic fiber products and unshaped refractory materials. These refractory materials have excellent heat and corrosion resistance. Therefore, it can meet the stringent demands of refractory materials in high-temperature environments in the industrial field.

Innovative Solutions

Kerui will provide different innovative solutions for processes and application scenarios in different industrial fields. These solutions include customized designs, optimized material formulations and process improvements. That is to say, Kerui Refractory aims to improve the efficiency of industrial production processes, reduce energy consumption and extend equipment life.

Sustainable Development

Kerui will represent our efforts and achievements in sustainable development. We will promote environmentally friendly refractory materials and green production processes at the exhibition. Kerui Group is committed to providing customers with more environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions. Thus jointly promoting the sustainable development of the industrial industry.

Kerui strong production and technical strength


Kerui is eagerly looking forward to meeting you at the Iran Metallurgical Expo and opening up a more brilliant future together. Besides, we hope to discuss innovation and development in the field of refractory materials with you. So, if you want to know more about Kerui or opportunities to cooperate with us, please please contact us. We will reply to you as soon as possible!

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