Welcome Thailand Customers to Visit Kerui Refractory

On May 24, 2023, representatives of Thailand customers visited Kerui Refractory factory. The leaders and technical engineers of Zhengzhou Kerui (Group) Refractory Co., Ltd. warmly welcome the arrival of Thailand customers. This visit deepens the relationship between our two sides, and also allows Thailand customers to have a more intuitive feeling of the comprehensive strength of Kerui Refractory. Here are the details about this visit.

Thailand Customers Visited Kerui Factory on May 24

Welcome Thailand Customers to Visit

With the increasing influence of the international brand of Kerui Refractory, more and more foreign customers visit Kerui factory. The arrival of the Thailand customer delegation also laid the foundation for Kerui to expand the international cooperation market. This visit is a key step in strengthening business ties and establishing a mutually beneficial partnership between our two companies.

Production and R&D Capabilities Display

Accompanied by the technical and related people, the customer visited the production site of Kerui factory, including raw material workshop, refractory bricks forming workshop, sintering workshop and storage workshop. During the visit, the customer and our technical staff discussed the production process of our unshaped refractory bricks and castables. In addition, the customer also visited our sample center and communicated about specific products. Customers are highly approved of the production process and strict product quality control of Kerui Refractory.

Thailand Customers Visited Kerui Refractory Bricks
Kerui Production Capacity Display

Business Communication

The business sales manager of Kerui carefully explained our company development history, technical strength, refractory bricks price, after-sales service, relevant cooperation cases and so on. We had a detailed negotiation on the issues of our respective concerns. Both parties engaged in in-depth conversations about market trends, product demands, and potential areas of cooperation.

Thailand Customers Visited Kerui Production Workshop
Bussiness Communication Between Kerui and Thailand Customers

Win-win Cooperation

Through this visit, a relationship of trust and mutual respect has been established between businesses in our two companies. It has laid the foundation for a long-term partnership and many opportunities for both sides to grow and succeed in the Thailand market.

Business Meeting about Future Cooperation

We sincerely appreciate the presence of Thailand customers and look forward to working closely in the further, to achieve common goals and create a prosperous future based on trust, innovation and cooperation. If you want to cooperate with Kerui, you can also follow us on YouTube.

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