High Temperature Ceramic Fiber Board

High temperature ceramic fiber board has a hard texture, excellent toughness and strength, so it has excellent resistance to wind erosion. Moreover, it does not expand when heated, is light in weight and easy to construct. So it can be sheared and bent at will. It is an ideal energy-saving material for kilns, pipes and other insulation equipment.

  • Modules of Rupture (MPa) :0.45-0.55
  • Maximum Use Temperature (℃) :1000
  • Compressive Strength (MPa) :0.75 – 0.95
Introduction of Kerui Ceramic Fiber Board

Parameters of High Temperature Ceramic Fiber Board

Item/GradeSTD BoardHP BoardHA BoardHZ Board
Classification Temperature/℃1260126013501430
Bulk Density (kg/m³)250/300/360250/300/360300/360300/360
Modules of Rupture ≥/MPa0.
Compressive Strength/MPa (10% relative deformation)0.15/0.25/0.30.25/0.30.25/0.30.25/0.3
Loss of Ignition ≤/%6666
Permanent Linear Change ≤/%1000℃ x 24h
1100℃ x 24h
1200℃ x 24h
1350℃ x 24h
Thermal Conductivity Coefficient /[W/(m·K)]400℃

Characteristics of High Temperature Ceramic Fiber Board

High temperature ceramic insulation board has several key characteristics that make them suitable for high-temperature insulation applications. Here are the main characteristics of high temp fiber boards.

High Temperature Resistance

The High temperature ceramic fiber boards are designed to withstand extremely high temperatures, typically up to 1600℃ (2912℉) or even higher. They retain their structural integrity and insulation properties even at elevated temperatures. That is to say, it makes them ideal for use in furnaces, kilns and other high-temperature equipment.

Excellent Thermal Insulation

Ceramic fiber boards have low thermal conductivity, which means they are effective in minimizing heat transfer. They provide efficient insulation, helping to reduce heat loss and improve energy efficiency in high-temperature applications.

Lightweight and Low Density

High temp ceramic fiber board is lightweight and have a low density, which makes them easier to handle, transport and install. Its lightweight nature also reduces the overall weight of the insulation system, making them suitable for applications where weight is a concern.

Ceramic fiber board properties
Ceramic fiber board properties 2

Low Heat Storage

Like ceramic fiber insulation blankets, ceramic fiber boards also have low heat storage capacity, meaning they have a low ability to absorb and retain heat. This characteristic allows for rapid heating and cooling cycles, making them suitable for applications that require quick temperature changes or thermal cycling.

Good Mechanical Strength and Stability

Despite their lightweight nature, high temperature ceramic fiber boards possess good mechanical strength and dimensional stability. They can withstand thermal shock, vibration and mechanical stress associated with high-temperature environments without significant deformation or damage.

Chemical Resistance

The fine High temperature ceramic fiber boards exhibit good resistance to most chemicals, acids and alkalis. This resistance ensures their durability and performance in environments where exposure to corrosive substances is a concern.

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Manufacturing Process of High Temperature Ceramic Fiber Board

Raw Materials

Ceramic fibers are extruded into the finest filaments through precise spinning. Then, these fibres are organised into a carefully structured mat or blanket using controlled deposition techniques.

Forming Method

Air-laid formation randomly distributes the fibres in a loose web upon a conveyance. At the same time, wet-laid deposition suspends them within a liquid medium prior to deposition upon a screen. Finally, vacuum formation draws the fibres directly upon a mould to acquire precise dimensions. Similarly, ceramic fiber modules are formed using the same method.

Increase Strength

Subsequently, an adhesive is applied to give it cohesion without compromising its integrity. Organic materials first hold the structure as it develops strength, later yielding to inorganic binders which fortify resilience against intensified temperatures.

Cut and Shape

Then drying removes contaminants through regulated elimination of moisture and solvents, preserving the fibrous infrastructure. Finally, the dried ceramic fiber boards are cut and shaped using precision tools and mold machines. Kerui will configure different shapes according to customer needs and specifications.

Production workshop for ceramic fiber products2

Typical Applications of High Temperature Ceramic Fiber Board

Steel Industry

High temperature ceramic fiber insulation boards are used in high-temperature equipment in the steel industry, such as blast furnaces, furnaces and steelmaking furnaces. They provide excellent thermal insulation properties that reduce heat loss, improve energy efficiency and maintain stable temperatures inside equipment.

Glass Manufacturing Industry

High temp fiberboards are used in various equipment in the glass manufacturing process, such as glass kilns and fiberglass drawing machines. They provide excellent thermal insulation properties and help maintain high temperature operating environments. Thereby they can increase the efficiency and quality of glass production.

Nonferrous Industrial

The wonderful high temp fiber boards are widely used in the non-ferrous industry for heat insulation and heat preservation of high-temperature equipment. It is used in electric furnaces, smelting furnaces and copper smelting furnace equipment. Because it reduces energy loss, improves energy utilization efficiency and improves production efficiency and quality.

Applications of Kerui Products

Chemical Industry

Kerui temp ceramic fiber boards are also often found in the chemical industry. They are widely used in equipment such as high-temperature reactors, distillation towers and storage tanks. High-temperature ceramic fiber boards have excellent chemical corrosion resistance and can resist the erosion of corrosive media such as acids and alkalis. In addition, kerui industrial fire bricks can also be used in chemical industry because of their high performance.

Automotive Manufacturing Industry

Kerui High temperature ceramic insulation boards can be used for engine compartment insulation, exhaust system insulation and sound insulation. They can withstand high-temperature environments and provide thermal and sound insulation to enhance vehicle performance and comfort.

Petroleum Industry

The excellent High temp fiber boards are also found in cracking furnaces, catalytic cracking units and heating furnaces. Their excellent thermal insulation properties can help maintain equipment’s high-temperature operating conditions and improve energy efficiency.

Applications of ceramic fiber products

Reasons for Choosing Kerui High Temperature Ceramic Fiber Board

Authoritative Certificates

The high-temperature ceramic fiber boards have received national recognition for their reliability, durability and compliance with safety standards. We have also obtained the ISO, CE and SGS certificates, so we have received strong support and recognition from the country in terms of research and development. In other words, our company has strong technical strength and excellent reputation.

Reasonable Price

Kerui company has our own production factory and we can achieve large-scale production and reduce production costs. In addition, Kerui adopts advanced technology and processes during the production process to produce products more efficiently. We can provide more competitive prices while maintaining high quality.

Excellent Quality

Our company pays attention to details and pursues innovation in the design of high-temperature ceramic fiber boards. During the production process, we will carry out complete quality control measures such as raw material inspection, production monitoring and finished product inspection.

Considerate Service

Kerui has excellent pre-sales and after-sales services. Before sales, our business managers can provide professional consultation and answer customer questions. After sales, our company is able to respond promptly to customer requirements and provide effective solutions, including repairs, returns and exchanges.





How to Choose a Reliable Ceramic Fiber Board Supplier?

Define Requirements and Standards

Firstly, be clear about your requirements and budget. Determine the specifications, quantity and quality requirements and delivery time requirements for the high-temperature ceramic fiber boards you need. Then figure out what budget range you can afford. Finally, create clear purchasing guidelines.

Supplier Evaluation

Assess ceramic fiber products or the capabilities and reliability of other refractory bricks manufacturer . Consider the supplier’s experience, qualifications, production capacity, quality management system, technical support, delivery capabilities, after-sales service, etc. You can ask suppliers to provide relevant qualification certificates and case studies. Besides, evaluate supplier prices. Make sure the price is reasonable and fits your budget.

Supplier Stability

Evaluate supplier stability and reliability. Consider the supplier’s financial status, delivery capabilities and supply chain management capabilities. Ensure that the supplier can provide high temperature ceramic fiber boards or services stably in the long term and can meet your needs.

Continuous Observation

Once suppliers are selected, monitor and evaluate their performance on an ongoing basis. Regularly evaluate suppliers’ delivery timeliness, quality stability and after-sales service to ensure that they can continue to meet your needs. Besides, look for mutual interests on both sides and make sure the supplier is willing to work with you to resolve the issue.

Kerui Refractory

Therefore, if you want to buy high-performance high temperature ceramic fiber boards, Kerui will be a good supplier. We have ceramic insulation materials with guaranteed quality and quantity and an efficient service experience. In addition, if you want to know about the characteristics, technical parameters and customization requirements of high-temperature ceramic fiber boards, welcome to contact us on Youtube!

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