How To Make Clay Fire Bricks

How to make clay fire bricks? Clay fire bricks are a common and important refractory material in many high-temperature industrial fields. Moreover, it can withstand extremely high temperatures and maintain a stable structure. Although the production process of clay refractory bricks is simple, it requires strict control of key links such as raw material ratio, molding process and sintering parameters. So, this ensures the quality and performance of the final product.

Fire Clay Bricks
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How to Make Fire Bricks from Clay?

The following is Kerui’s general clay refractory brick production process. However, in actual operations, Kerui will also make adjustments and optimizations according to the specific needs of customers. In addition, Kerui welcomes everyone to visit our factory’s refractories production line anytime.

  • Raw material preparation: Kerui chooses high-quality clay as the main raw material. Besides, they use refractory quartz sand and refractory quartz powder as auxiliary materials. This can improve the high temperature resistance of refractory bricks.
  • Raw material mixing: mix clay and refractory materials evenly in a certain proportion. This step can improve the quality and performance of the formed refractory bricks after mixing the raw materials evenly.
  • Forming: put the mixed materials into the mold and shape it. The size and shape of the mold should meet the required specifications. We then make sure the ingredients are evenly filled to avoid voids and cracks.
  • Drying: we dry the formed refractory bricks to remove moisture and volatile matter and improve their compressive strength and fire resistance.
  • Sintering: we need to sinter the dried heat resistant fire bricks at high temperatures. Moreover, the sintering temperature and time need to be controlled according to specific material and process requirements. Kerui has two 168-meter-long tunnel kilns, which provide conditions for controlling the temperature and sintering process.
  • Quality inspection: conduct quality inspection on produced clay refractory bricks. This includes testing of dimensions, physical properties and fire resistance. Therefore, the refractory bricks produced by Kerui comply with international standards and requirements.
  • Packaging and storage: Kerui’s qualified refractory bricks will be packaged and stored under suitable environmental conditions. Because this ensures its quality and performance.

Product flow chart of refractory fire bricks for sale

How to Install Clay Fire Bricks?

When installing clay refractory bricks, it is important to pay attention to safety and wear appropriate protective equipment. In addition, construction personnel must strictly follow relevant safety regulations and operating requirements when operating. If you encounter special or uncertain circumstances, Kerui recommends asking professionals to install it. The following are general installation steps:

  • Determine the layout: before starting the installation, determine the layout and arrangement of the clay refractory bricks based on the design requirements and dimensions.
  • Mix mortar: suitable refractory mortar mix according to the requirements of bricks and industrial equipment. Make sure the mortar is even in texture to ensure a strong bond between the bricks and the industrial equipment lining.
  • Apply mortar: using a brick brush or flat knife, apply a thin layer of refractory mortar to the surface to be installed. Make sure to apply evenly and leave light lines on the surface of the mortar to increase adhesion.
  • Installing the fire bricks: place the clay refractory bricks in a predetermined layout and arrangement on top of the applied mortar. Then, press the bricks gently to seal them with the mortar, making sure there are even gaps between the bricks.
  • Wait for drying: after the mortar is dry and solidified, you can perform subsequent surface treatment or cleaning as needed. Alternatively, you can follow us on Twitter for more details.

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Kerui is a supplier specializing in the production and sales of high-quality clay refractory bricks. In addition, Kerui also produces insulation bricks, fire cement, refractory mortar, ceramic fiber products, etc. Moreover, our products have undergone strict quality control and testing to ensure product reliability and stable performance. Please leave your needs in the message box and we will contact you within 24 hours!

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