Indian Customers Visit Kerui Factory

Recently, a group of Indian customers visited the Kerui factory. They conducted an in-depth study of two products provided by our company: high alumina bricks with an aluminum content of more than 50% and ceramic fiber boards with thicknesses of 3mm and 25mm respectively. This visit enhanced the communication and cooperation between the two parties. In addition, this also allowed customers to experience Kerui’s production strength and technical level personally.

Indian Customers Came to Kerui Factory

Communicating Product Requirements

Before the official visit to our factory, we had a detailed communication with the Indian customers. We understood their specific needs for high alumina bricks with an aluminum content of more than 50% and high temperature ceramic insulation board of two thicknesses. The two parties also discussed the payment method to ensure a smooth transaction process. Through this face-to-face communication, the customer has a deeper understanding of our products and services.

The Process of Visiting the Kerui Factory

Accompanied by our company representatives, Indian customers visited our production facilities and several key workshops. They fully understood Kerui’s production process and quality control.

  • Raw materials workshop: in the raw materials workshop, customers saw our selected high-quality raw materials. This ensures the superior performance of the product.
  • Crusher and silo: then, the customer visited the crusher and silo used for raw material processing. This helps customers understand our strict requirements and efficient processes in raw material processing.
  • Molding workshop: next, customers visited the molding workshop. They learned about our molding process in the advanced refractories of high alumina bricks and ceramic fiber boards.
  • Sintering workshop: Indian customers showed great interest in the high-temperature treatment process of the sintering workshop and appreciated our technical level.
  • Microcomputer control room: in the microcomputer control room, customers witnessed our advanced production control system. This ensures the accuracy and efficiency of each production link.
  • Laboratory and sample room: finally, customers visited the laboratory and sample room. They learned about our strict quality inspection process and rich product variety.

Indian Customers Visit Kerui Factory


Indian customers highly recognized Kerui’s modern production equipment and large production scale and believed that we have strong capabilities to meet their needs. In addition, customers also expressed special praise for the exquisite workmanship and high quality of our molds. Finally, Kerui looks forward to establishing long-term cooperative relations with more international customers and developing together.

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