Instructions for Use of Ramming Mass

Ramming mass is a common refractory material used to repair and fill cracks, defects or damaged parts in high-temperature equipment. We need to be cautious and professional when using ramming mass. Moreover, we must follow the correct operating procedures and safety regulations. This will ensure the effective operation of your industrial equipment. The following are instructions for the use of ramming mass.

3 Steps of Ramming

Before Ramming

The ramming material is generally rammed with a pneumatic pick, and there is also manual ramming. When using a pneumatic pick for ramming, the wind pressure cannot be lower than 5 atmospheres. In addition, the hammer head has several shapes such as square, rectangular and round, and the general size is between 50mm and 80mm. If the size is too large, the ramming force is insufficient and the density is poor. Therefore, this can affect the performance of the premix ramming mass. If the size is too small, the ramming force will be too large. This is also not easy to ram, which affects work efficiency.

During Ramming

When ramming, the thickness of each material is 20mm – 60mm. The pneumatic pick should be perpendicular to the material surface, and the hammer head should move continuously in one direction. Moreover, the hammer head should overlap by one-third to one-half to avoid leakage. We ram each layer of material four or five times continuously to make it uniform and dense to form a whole, and then we can lay the next layer of material. In addition, it is best to roughen the ramming surface before paving the material to make the upper and lower layers tightly connected to prevent stratification. In addition, the ramming construction should be carried out continuously. If the interruption time is long, you should cover the ramming surface tightly. When we work again, we should remove the ramming surface before ramming.

After Ramming

After ramming, we can immediately remove the mold for curing or baking. If you are ramming prefabricated components or prefabricated blocks, you must meet the design requirements before you can move them. Or you can contact Kerui Group China to directly order refractory prefabricated parts, which saves time, effort and cost.

Ramming Mass Uses


Please note that specific instructions may vary depending on the type and brand of ramming material. You should carefully read and follow the product label, instructions, and manufacturer’s instructions before use.

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