Brazilian Customers Visited the Kerui Factory with Kerui Leaders

The Kerui factory recently welcomed a visiting team of Brazilian customers. This visit aims to give customers a more comprehensive understanding of Kerui’s production process, quality control and innovation capabilities. Moreover, they discussed in depth customers’ demand for high-alumina brick products with an aluminum content of 60% and 70%.

Brazilian customers visited the Kerui factory with Kerui leaders

Communication Details Between Brazilian Customers and Kerui Technical Engineers

Visit the High Alumina Brick Production Line

The Brazilian customers first visited Kerui’s high alumina fire bricks production line and carefully observed the production process. The Brazilian customer team was impressed by the advanced equipment and strict quality control processes that Kerui is proud of. They spoke highly of Kerui’s professional technology and efficient production capabilities in the field of high alumina bricks.

Provide Professional Technical Explanation

The technical engineers of Kerui conducted professional technical demonstrations and explanations for Brazilian customers. They introduced Kerui high alumina brick technology, product features and application fields in detail. The customer team expressed appreciation for Kerui’s continuous improvements in fire brick innovation and expressed their willingness to further cooperate with Kerui.

Identify the Products They Need

The Brazilian customer team discussed with Kerui’s technical engineers the performance of high alumina brick products. The customer team made it clear that they have a clear demand for high-alumina brick products with 60% and 70% aluminum content. Moreover, they hope to cooperate with Kerui to develop customized products that meet their smelting process requirements.

Discuss Solutions

They had an in-depth discussion on the technical specifications, application challenges and solutions of high alumina brick products. Moreover, they also shared their experiences and insights. Besides, customers are interested in our patented product – special new fire bricks for the fire path wall of carbon roasting furnaces. They asked for the size and price of two of the brick types.

Brazilian Customer Inspects Kerui High Alumina Bricks
Brazilian Customer Inspects Kerui Fire Bricks


At the end of the visit, the Brazilian customer team expressed their sincere gratitude to Kerui Company for its warm hospitality and professional presentation. They said that this visit gave them a deeper understanding of Kerui’s technical strength and innovation capabilities. At the same time, they also enhanced their trust and willingness to cooperate with Kerui Company. In addition, the two parties reached a preliminary consensus on the demand for high alumina brick products. They also decided to further discuss and cooperate to develop customized products.

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